Mechanical CAD drawing and 3D parametric solid modeling


Joly Concept can take your innovative ideas and prepare mechanical drawings and 3D part models for your planning, manufacturing and inspection departments. Clearly put your ideas to paper for your suppliers or the manufacturing professionals on the shop floor.

Optimize your parts before manufacturing to reduce cost and supply time. Having clear and fully annotated drawings and 3D part models can greatly reduce the interaction between your part suppliers, shop floor professionals, purchasing agents and engineering staff to further reduce inventory replenishment delays.

2D engineering drawings documents :

Annotated drawing can be in metric millimeters, imperial inches or a combination of both as per ASME Y14.0+ drawing standards. Annotated drawing or renderings can be made from existing 3D part models or assemblies and existing sketches and other drawings.

Convert your Hand drawn sketches, .PDF, .DWF, Scanned images or other manufacturing data to precise CAD files for better portability between your design and manufacturing solutions or suppliers.

  • CAM/CAD software
  • CNC; Mills, Lathes, Routers
  • Cutting solutions; flame, plasma, laser, water jet
  • Bending, Casting and Molding solutions
  • Machinists and Welders
  • Conventional machine tools on shop floor
3D parametric solid models :

Creation of exact 3D models for your 3D CAD, CAM and CMM software. min, nominal and max models. Assembly simulation and element analysis for your 3D CAD solution.

Part optimization before manufacturing and cost solicitation :

Evaluation of the general tolerances, surface finishes and basic geometrical tolerances requirements, making sure they are assigned to the appropriate features. This will ensure that you receive the part you need nothing more or less than what is required by your project.

Creating parts and 3D model which use mechanical standards; limits and fits, tolerances and commonly available mechanical components and fasteners. Making your parts compatible with existing imperial or metric mechanical assemblies.

3D Printing and mechanical virtual objects :

Creation of precise virtual 3D mechanical object as alternatives to parts fabricated using traditional manufacturing methods that are compatible with your existing assemblies.

Collaboration :

Coordination with your design and engineering teams to optimize your design ideas for cost saving manufacturing part geometries with minimal changes to your original design goals. Avoid difficult and costly to fabricate geometries and the use of non standard features which might require expensive custom tooling.

Online Resources :

Free download of the "decorative cannon" project. It is a set of mechanical drawings and 3D models of an old style cannon that is relatively easy to manufacture. For hobbyist and educational institutions.

Projects by Joly Concept :

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