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Joly concept is offering a project free to download and share for hobbyist and educational institutions. The technical drawings are a guide to manufacturing a decorative cannon. It is a set of fully annotated drawings of all the parts and assembly instruction, fixtures as well as embedded 3D models of an old style cannon. It is not a scaled model of an actual cannon, but a project that is simplified enough so the novice to intermediate artisan can make without having to figure out all the details. There are detailed instructions on a recommended method of manufacturing the assembly, no details on how to manufacture the individual parts.

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This project is aimed at machinists, engineers, woodworkers, hobbyists or anyone who is interested in creating objects of a relatively high precision. This project requires special tooling to manufacture; Lathe, Mill, press drill, band saw. Materials will have to be purchased; round bar, sheet metal, wood, nails and screws, oils and/or stains.

3D rendering of project
3D Rendering of project

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