Mechanical models for 3D Printers


3D printing is becoming a popular new manufacturing method. It allows the creation of objects that are very complex and that cannot be made in any conventional manufacturing method. Although the materials available for this new manufacturing method are still limited. It is a question of time until viable alternative to traditional materials become available.

Joly Concept can make your project to be printed mechanically compatible with existing components. Mechanical standards exist for the reason of making mechanical parts interchangeable no matter where or how they are fabricated. Creation of 3d model to be within standard limits and fits tolerances to accommodate printing speed vs. accuracy issues. Optimize your current 3D models to use less material.

Screw designed for 3D Printing

Creation of mechanically accurate 3d models. Standard mechanical practices demand that parts geometries have a lower and upper limit for all features. Basically, a minimum size and a maximum size. Traditional manufacturing professionals aim for the nominal, in between, dimension of features. This allows for the quickest manufacturing speed while staying within acceptable limits. This concept still applies to this new manufacturing method.

Creating hollow parts to reduce printing time and material usage. The concept of making a hollow part is well known in the plastic molding industry. Internal ribbing is still needed to keep the part to be printed mechanically sound. Mechanical parts need to be resistant to torsion, bending and pulling forces if they are to be an acceptable replacement to an existing traditionally manufactured component.

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