Convert 2D drawings to 3D parametric solid models


Joly concept can transform your 2D CAD drawing or sketches to 3D parametric solid models. 3D solid models are a more versatile type of virtual objects to work with than 2D line drawing. They can be used for making fully annotated mechanical drawing. Then, moving the same 3D object to your CAM solution for inspection for your CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) inspection software/hardware solution. The same virtual object can also be reused for making 3D rendering for use in advertising and documentation.

3D parametric model usefulness will become even more so with newer technologies such as 3D printing that is gaining popularity. Also in the rapid prototyping field of manufacturing and rapid casting technologies. Getting all the preparation done virtually beforehand will greatly reduce manufacturing time of the actual part.

3D objects over 2D drawing

Convert 2D drawings to 3D Parametric models. Update your engineering documents to 3D to take advantage of the greater versatility of parametric solid objects that are fully described in 3D space.

Drawing of nozzle with irregular shape

Defining complex geometries such as curved or NURB driven surfaces on a 2D medium can be challenging. Offer an actual 3D shape to your planning and manufacturing professionals. The use of 3D virtual objects can greatly reduce the development time of fabrication methods during the preparation phase before manufacturing of your parts.

Animated hinge

Simulation of component interactions with functional 3D assemblies. Engineering out interference between components in complex assemblies can reduce the chances of having to reconfigure mechanical components on site after the initial installation. Planning ahead for making installations easy and safe to disassemble and reassemble during maintenance.

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